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[CFUW 78, Day 2 - Chrome]

Miss Chrome! May we talk in here?

[CFUW 78, Day 2 - Cielo]

Ah ... here's a new locked post! And there were some things in the voting post that seemed suspicious, too.

[CFUW 78 - Joshua]

Um, hello! May we talk?

aaaapp post.

Character Name: Timi
Canon: Timi: the Tale of a Griffin by Barbara C. Freeman
Age: ...less than a year old! Barely a fledgling, by griffin standards.

Canon: Every year, in autumn, the Griffins escape winter by flying south to the great hot deserts of Africa and Arabia. The young griffin Timi, however, is an exception: due to a traumatic fall from the nest when young, she is too afraid to learn to fly in her first year. As a result, she is left behind by her flock before winter begins, and advised to shelter in a human village on the slopes below the nest. From there, the story centers on her adventures after being found by a kindly baker named Jon Dumpling, his troubles with a nasty rival for the Queen's attentions, and her own continuous struggle to overcome her fear of the sky.

If you had to describe Timi in one word, it would be, well, 'timid.' Not only does she fear the idea of flying, but she remains hesitant to try new things, despite Jon Dumpling's care and encouragement. She also has a tendency to stammer when nervous--and she is nervous often! However, she can also be cheerful, earnest, polite, and utterly loyal to the person she has grown to love. She's also willing to go through arduous trials for his sake (from venturing out to help deliver his pies to saving his Court reputation), despite how scared they might make her.

Sample Post:

Ah, excuse me, sir, excuse me! I'm here to make a special delivery to Mr. Ohwa Tagoos Aiyam and friends, of Seafud Lane! He mentioned when he placed his order that our pastries were good enough to bring all his friends to our yard, but I'm afraid it's just too small for a lot of people to be crowding around there. We don't want anyone getting lost in the woods around the village, either, and it's no trouble for me to find my way. If you could just point me towards Mr. Aiyam's house, then they can have their garden-party in a bigger place than the front of Jon Dumpling's bakery.

I'm afraid the other birds really haven't been very helpful with directions at all. I'm sure thinking happy thoughts is good for me, but no matter how hard I believe I can fly o-or touch the sky, Mr. Aiyam's house most definitely isn't up there! I hope. All the people I asked didn't know where it was, either, but surely you'll know, Mr. Graaarghbraaaains? They did mention your name quite often, so you must get around this neighborhood quite a bit.

Oh, n-no, no, no, sir! I'm sorry, and yes, it is a delicious pie, but you definitely mustn't eat it! You shouldn't poke and prod it like that either; the crust will get deformed, and then the filling will all leak out! Then how will anyone like those apples? Jon Dumpling worked hard to get them in there, you know, so I'm going to do my best to protect what he's made. I-I'm sorry, but if you don't l-let me pass and deliver these, then I'm a-afraid I'm going to have to make you!


Th...thank you for stopping, sir, but I'd appreciate it if you took your h-hand off my junket, too, or simply removed it from the basket with t-the one that's still attached. I'm afraid you really mustn't squeeze other people's buns, even if they are dead! And no, the buns aren't dead, sir, I meant the other people over there, just like you--

Wait, d-d-dead?!


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